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active public support

Popular movements require the public to take notice of the issue and take a stance. We encourage new leaders to take action and provide them with support they need to scale. Every small action has the potential to turn into something much bigger.

Decision makers only maintain power with the cooperation of the public. When people are activated, and refuse to cooperate with injustice in massive numbers, they win. History shows that once movements reach critical mass, policy and electoral wins come easy. Without public support, policy and electoral wins don't last.

Too often, we leave a  rally, march. or action feeling empowered but don't know what to do next. We offer easy ways to move spectators into our movement and upgrade new leaders. You visited the Mauna, and will respond to the next kāhea, but we can take action now - on our own terms.


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We protect sacred places, elevate Native culture, & unleash the power of Aloha ʻĀina.

We unite to make Aloha ʻĀina and Native rights an urgent priority across Hawaii and train up new leaders who stand up for the health and wellbeing of all people and our environment.

We are nonviolent in word and deed. (Kapu Aloha) We practice a deep and revolutionary commitment to non-violence and mutual respect. This fronts our truth and our moral authority over force and welcomes the most people to participate. We need maximum participation in order to achieve our goals.

We are loyal to our home & one with our environment. (Aloha ʻĀina)

We understand and honor the interconnectedness of all things. This includes the interconnectedness of our land as our ancestor with our right to sovereignty and the governance of our territory. We stand steadfast for our Lāhui and ʻāina and set an example of environmental stewardship for the world to follow.

We understand that, at its core, our history is the future. (ʻIke Kūpuna)

We come from a history of prosperity, innovation, struggle and resistance—and we honor the legacies of our Kūpuna. We educate each other and the masses in our history and culture to shape an informed and equitable future.

We grow our power through talking to our communities. (Hoʻolauna)

We talk to our neighbors, families, religious leaders, classmates, and teachers, in order to spread our message. Our strength and work is rooted in our local communities, and we are always growing in number.

We are from all walks of life. (Lōkahi) We are of many colors and creeds, from the mountains to the shores, across the pacific and beyond. A wealthy few want to divide us, but we value each other in our differences, and we are united in a shared fight to make real the promise of a society that works for all of us.


We tell our stories, and we honor each other's stories. (Moʻolelo)

We all have something to lose to colonialism, and something to gain in coming together. We tell our individual stories to connect with each other and understand the many different ways the current system impacts us. 

We ask for help, and we give what we can. (Laulima) We all have something to offer to the movement. Some of us give time through volunteering anywhere from 1 to 50 hours per week. Some of us give money. Some of us donate housing or meeting space. We invite our community into the movement by asking for the help we need.

We take initiative. (E Hū) Any group of 3 people can take action in the name of Hawaiʻi Rising. We ask for advice — not permission — from each other to make this happen. To make decisions, we ask ourselves, “does this bring us closer to our goal of active public support?” If yes, we simply do the work that is exciting and makes sense. We are all leaders.

We embrace experimentation and learn together. (Imiʻike) We welcome imperfection, share innovations, and learn through honest mistakes followed by honest conversations that help us move forward together. If we see something we don’t like, we contribute with something we do like, modeling an alternative.

We care for ourselves, each other, & our shared home. (Mālama) We maintain our health of body, mind, spirit, and environment to the best of our ability so that we can maintain a strong movement together. We respect that for each of us this looks different.

We stand with other movements for change. (Kākou) Reaffirming our self-determination requires winning and holding power at every level of government and society. This is a huge job and we can’t do it alone. When it makes sense, we work with other movements who share our values and are also working to win real power.


We shine bright and uplift others.

(Hōʻoli) There are hard and sad days, to be sure. This isn’t easy work. But we strive to bring a spirit of positivity and hope to everything we do. Changing the world is a fulfilling and joyful process, and we let that show.















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